Getting Amazing Teeth with Invisalign

Everyone wants to look their absolute best. They wouldn’t mind having the perfect set of teeth to showcase. With the advancement of technology, there are so many treatment options out there that ensure you get that wow look in order! Look amazing and have your confidence back with a state-of-the art technology ‘invisalign’.

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This post shares an overview of dental crowns, their types, procedure, cost as well as aftercare.

Why Invisalign?

Metallic braces are an age-old concept. No one really uses them anymore and for good

reason- they are uncomfortable and affect your confidence on a massive level.

These braces make use of connected wires. There are many instances on how they cause more discomfort than benefit.
Invisalign are invisible aligners that are made keeping in mind all these relating factors. You want to look your absolute best and while doing so, your treatment should also be comfortable.
It is a brand that is synonymous to clear aligners- this means you wouldn’t even know if they are in your mouth or not.
However, when it comes to getting Invisalign, it is important that you visit your dentist and know your options. Sometimes the treatment isn’t suitable for everyone.
It helps to get a proper consultation.

Procedure of Invisalign

The treatment is kickstarted with a proper consultation with your doctor. The trained expert begins by evaluating the condition of your teeth and then works out how your smile can be made better and brighter. You will be given a customized plan which will showcase your complete transformation in various stages.

Only when you approve this plan, will the processing of your special aligners will kickstart.

In practicality, the dentist will first look into getting you the correct bite. This is when the plan to moving your teeth kicks in. The clear aligners can come in a variety of options. You are fitted through different versions. These are done to ensure that slight adjustments can be made.

The aligners are made by different material. This includes clear plastic or acrylic material. We will provide you complete intel on what suits your mouth and how well can they be fitted over your teeth.

The fitting is not permanent. The aligners can be easily removed when you want to eat, drink or even floss.

Benefits of Invisalign:

  • It is pretty interesting how this amazing technology to give you straight and bright teeth quickly took over the nuisance and hassle of having to use metal braces. For years, our customers have left happy and satisfied with the results they got. Some of the best advantages of using Invisalign are:
  • You get a customized plan: we adapt state of the art tools and techniques which give you amazing customized solutions. We understand how every set of teeth is different hence they require a different game plan on that amazing smile assurance.
  • We don’t work on guesswork: a concreate treatment plan after taking into account your teeth’s current condition is made. We are well-aware of your time and patience and we ensure you get the results we said you would.
  • Clear aligners have the advantage of giving you a major confidence boost. Since they are discreet, you wouldn’t even have any complex issues, going out in public in complete confidence. They don’t disrupt your life and allow you to continue with your daily routine without any hindrance.
  • The customized aligners become the right fit for you, allowing you to beam with pure confidence.
  • Also, these clear aligners are comfortable. Especially if compared with metallic braces. They can fit snugly around your teeth and allow you to not feel any irritation.
  • Aim to straightens your teeth in a clear, realistic time-frame. We will make sure it is properly communicated on how long it is expected for the aligners to straighten your teeth, provided you are placing them properly for that specific amount of time.

Technology Upgraded with Invisalign

Gone are the days when you would have to worry about the discomfort that comes with metal braces. We aim to provide you with amazing results in the best way! At our clinic, you will see our team adapting to technological upgrades to give aligners that are effective and state of the art.

Our team use effective stimulators which work on mapping the path to your pearly white. Here’s a peek into the kind of amazing treatment you get which will ensure those wow, Hollywood celeb look:


3D Effectiveness

We will ensure that the power of 3D innovation is well utilized in the treatment plan. This visual interface aims to give you a very appealing and customized solution.

Mapping software

It is also important that we make use of an algorithm which aims to give you the right amount of force use which will give the teeth movement the proper nudge to make changes and align and straighten your teeth. It is a consistent methodology which uses the best software in giving you a treatment that will last for a very long duration, provided it is well-taken care of by the customer.

Onlay or ¾ Crown

Some of the crowns only cover a certain portion of your tooth. This is the option that your dentist might suggest in case you don’t need a full crown.


What is Invisalign treatment?

This is the process of getting your teeth straightened by wearing removable aligners. Since these are removable, the time needed for them to straighten your teeth is longer than usual, regular aligners. You will also not to have any restrictions that come with metal braces as there are no brackets or wires involved.

Who is eligible for this procedure?

The Invisalign procedure is suitable for adults and teens alike. The treatment helps to make your smile brighter and anyone can get those amazing results! It adapts innovations and technological updates to bring to you advanced solutions that work great for you. It is also a good way to fix teeth-straightening issues, bite issues as well as any complexities which disrupt your chance at a good life.

How is it manageable for children?

We want to ensure that even your children get the best treatment. For the same, we make use of a discreet blue aligner. This color allows for you to make sure that your child is putting on and using the aligner properly and long enough for the results to kick in.

Is there a special doctor or medical expert for this specific treatment?

Actually,you can get the treatment done from qualified orthodontists and dentists, however not all of them are cut for this. Since this is a technical and special field of expertise is needed as well as specialized training.

What is the duration of the treatment?

It isn’t possible to decide on the length of the treatment as a standard time for every case. It actually depends on different factors and every case is different. How complex your case is will decide on your treatment plan. Usually, it takes about 12 to 18 months, however you will be able to see the results kin in within a few weeks.

How often will I change aligners?

Your doctor is responsible for deciding on how often should you change the aligners. The decision can be based on any individual treatment plan. Usually,it focuses on the condition of your teeth itself.

How many hours should I wear my aligners in a day for the effects to show?

To get the most out of your Invisalign treatment, it is best if you continue wearing the same for at least 20 to 22 hours a day. The only time your doctor will suggest that you take them out is when you are eating, drinking or flossing your teeth.

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