Root Canal Treatment

A root canal treatment aims to repair a tooth from infection.

The infection usually lies in the center of the tooth and the root canal treatment aims to save the tooth to prevent any tooth extraction.

The pulp contains the nerves, blood vessels, and tissues.

This center soft part becomes infected and inflamed alongside the nerves.

This happens because of fillings, tooth decay, dental procedures on the same tooth, and a crack.

Hence, through a root canal procedure at Dentist Ahmed's clinic, we can remove the damaged nerve and pulp to save your tooth.

Why do you need a Root Canal?

The infection can spread from the teeth pulp to nearby teeth forming an abscess.
The bacteria that cause this infection live inside the mouth.
However, now they invade the tooth because of either tooth trauma and damage, decay, or any tooth fillings that leak.–

When your pulp and nerves are infected, the pulp breaks down.

Hence, the bacteria inside the pulp multiply fastly. This leads to an abscess.

Pus is formed in the tooth roots. Hence, the infection has also spread to the end of the roots.

The system of a root canal goes from the crown that we visibly see the end of the roots, all of which become infected.

This will cause you swelling, that can spread to your head and neck.

Moreover, you may also have bone loss eventually alongside a hole into the tooth leading to drainage from the tooth to the gum, going to the cheek, and eventually skin.

If you have had a tooth injury or trauma like a cracked tooth, your tooth nerve is likely damaged and may die.

Moreover, if a tooth is deeply fractured, you may need a post down the canal to restore the tooth structure.

This can happen through root canal treatment.

Moreover, if you have had prior dental procedures that too repeatedly, you may require a root canal treatment.

This is due to the constant drilling that inflames the pulp.

When do you know you need a Root Canal?

You may feel symptoms that indicate you require a root canal treatment. One of the most common is a toothache.

The nerves in the tooth give the sensation of sensitivity like hotness and coldness. Hence, if they are infected, your teeth will feel very sensitive.

This will be an uncomfortable sensation that will last long after the hot and cold stimuli like drinks or food are taken away.

Moreover, if you are more uncomfortable with a hotter sensation than a cold one then it is a definite sign of an infected tooth.

This pain can persist and occur suddenly in the day or night. The persisting pain can lead to a constant headache.

If the tooth is already abscessed, then you will feel pain while you chew, bite and put pressure on the particular tooth.

However, an abscess can get severe and result in swelling around the cheek, jaw, and throat as the pus accumulates in the dead nerve tissue.

A pimple, full of pus forms in the gum. It will drain and sometimes you can see it doing so, other times you may feel a bad taste in your mouth.

Though, if you do not consult our dentists on time with all these symptoms, the abscess may keep infecting surrounding bones and tissues along with the bones and root of the affected tooth.

In extreme cases, it has proven to be fatal. The only way to completely remove an abscess is by root canal treatment.

You may also encounter a deep cavity if your tooth decay has entered your pulp and it is thoroughly infected.

Thus it inflames, pains, or dies. Hence, the only option left is a root canal treatment. This deep decay can darken. A chipped or cracked tooth from a fracture or trauma can also require a root canal.

All of these symptoms may also indicate another dental issue however, they do highlight the need for a root canal treatment.

Previously, you may have required a tooth extraction for any of the symptoms and causes.

However, at Dentist Ahmed's clinic, we perform the latest procedures with modern technology effectively.

Hence, you may do not need to worry about losing teeth.

Our Root Canal Treatment by our expert dentists can keep all your teeth healthily in your mouth.

Once your teeth have been restored through a root canal, you no longer require the pulp for them to function properly.

The procedure of Root Canal Treatment

Our dentists will begin the procedure by taking a dental X-ray to examine your teeth and overall health

The X-ray will also identify the current condition of the root canal along with the condition of the surrounding teeth and if the infection has spread there.

Next, they will use local anesthesia to numb that part near your tooth.

This will make the procedure pain-free. You may not sense anything anyway because the root is already dead however, this will make you feel more at ease.

Afterward, our dentists will drill access in your teeth. Here they will remove the infected pulp, bacteria, and dead nerve tissues.

Root canal files are used to clean the tooth and scrub the sides thoroughly.

Alongside water will be sprayed in that part to flush away any debris.

Afterward, our dentists will seal your tooth, though if you have any infection, then they will apply for medicine and wait for a week for it to be cured properly.

When you come after a week, the tooth's interior is filled with a sealer paste and gutta-percha and the access hole is filled.

Finally, you will be thoroughly examined for additional work.

After all, you needed root canal treatment because of decay, damage, or filling.

Hence, our dentists will check if you need another crown, post, or any other restoration procedure.

This will help stop any breakage or damage and protect the restoration completely.

Results and Recovery

The process is usually divided into two sessions over a week.
Therefore, it is not a long-lasting procedure like Dental Implants but might take more than one visit

You can go about your day as soon as your procedure ends, however, your mouth may feel numb for a while.

Hence, you can carry out your daily activities but you should avoid eating till you are done.

You may notice slight sensitivity after the procedure finishes.

Well, that is due to the infection and inflamed tissues before the procedure.

Rest assured it will settle down in a while.

However, we will prescribe you medicines that will help you cope with this sensitivity.

Moreover, in between your sessions before a filling and crown in place, avoid chewing with the affected tooth.

This will not put pressure on that tooth until it is permanently restored.

Hence, it will not break and neither will any food get stuck there so it will remain clean.

After your procedure ends do the following to maintain good oral hygiene

  • Brush your teeth twice a day
  • Use an antiseptic mouthwash regularly
  • Quit smoking
  • Floss regularly
  • Avoid excessive sugary foods
  • Visit us once every 6 months to check your progress and overall oral health

At Dentist Ahmed's clinic, we make sure that our Root Canal Treatment is highly effective on our patients.

If you take good care of your oral health following the procedure, you can maintain the results for your entire life.

Why should you Choose Dentist Ahmed?

At Dentist Ahmed's clinic, we perform a safe and hygienic root canal procedure to give you quick relief.

Our staff is highly trained and well qualified to perform your treatment.
We assure you that you will leave satisfied.
If you are interested in our services, book an appointment to get your Root Canal Treatment

root canal treatment benefits

Affordable Procedures

We know that you need immediate relief and root canal treatment because it can be painful. Therefore, you do not have to worry about any mounting costs because our Root Canal Treatment is very affordable and right within your budget. Removing your pain and worry is our priority, hence we keep all our services affordable and inexpensive.
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Safe Procedures

Your procedure will be carried out in a safe and hygienic environment. We guarantee that we use hygienic equipment and our expert doctors take full care of your comfort and ensure that your procedure is carried out safely and painlessly.
examination of carious tooth

Effective Procedure

Our team of highly dedicated and qualified dentists will ensure that you get your expected results. We use modern technology alongside one of the best staff in the area to bring you desired results so that you leave satisfied. Our patient's satisfaction is extremely valuable to us hence, we guarantee that we will cure your problem and pain.


Does root canal treatment hurt?

Our dentists will use local anesthesia to numb that area so you may not feel much pain during the procedure.

However, the treatment may not hurt more than getting fillings. Which in fact isn't as painful either.

In fact, if you need a root canal, you will already be in tremendous pain.

Hence, getting the procedure actually cures your pain and relieves you of it.

Will you extract my tooth?

A root canal is done to avoid any extraction. However, it may depend on the extent of the damage.

If your decay is not severe you may not lose a tooth and your dentist will fix it with a root canal treatment.

Should I get a root canal if I am pregnant?

You require a root canal when you are in extreme pain also it may be due to infection so it is better to get the procedure.

If you leave it untreated then you may feel extreme pain and stress. In fact, an abscess will prove dangerous for the mother and unborn child.

Hence, you should not avoid it even if you are pregnant.

What considerations will your clinic use if I am pregnant and need Root Canal Treatment?

The safest time for a dental procedure is the second trimester.

However, if your infection will cause harm to you and your child then our dentists may proceed immediately.

You will wear a lead apron, to protect the baby and yourself.

Moreover, our dentists will not prescribe Tetracycline antibiotics for pain.

The procedure itself is safe and we will take special care of you and your baby.

Is the procedure long?

One session of a root canal will not take longer than 2 hours.

However, if you have a severe problem, you may need two sessions instead of one.

How long can my root canal last?

Root Canal can last you a lifetime if you put permanent restorations like crown or fillings immediately.

Though the treatment has a 95 percent success rate. Hence, if you take proper care, it will last you long.

When should I get a tooth extraction instead?

Our dentists will thoroughly examine your condition.

Hence, if they feel that teeth restoration through a root canal is not an option, they will advise you to get a tooth extraction.

They may advise tooth extraction for your wisdom teeth and if you have a root fracture.

How can I prevent a root canal treatment?

If you take good care of your oral hygiene and maintain good oral habits you can well avoid the need for a root canal treatment.

This involves eating healthy and maintaining cleanliness by brushing and flossing.

Are there any side effects or complications?

You may feel some inflammation after the procedure however, it will settle down in a while.

Though complications are rare, sometimes if the damage is severe, you may need a tooth extraction instead.

Moreover, if you do not take care of your oral hygiene then the restoration can leak.

Hence, resulting in reinfection in the root canal.

What is the root canal treatment cost at Dentist Ahmed's clinic?

Our dentists will examine your condition properly and then devise a treatment plan.

If there is extensive damage then you may require more than one session.

Hence, the treatment cost can differ.

Contact us to book your visit and discuss the costs in detail with our staff.

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