Tooth Extraction

This is one of the most common procedures you will likely go through at some point in your lives. A tooth extraction is done by a dentist for different reasons.

Usually, it’s because your teeth have been suffering from decay for a long time and there is no better solution left. However sometimes you just want your wisdom tooth to be removed or want to have some space made for the application of braces.

Whatever the reason may be, you can ensure that at Dentist Ahmed we provide a quick and efficient procedure that gives great results that are long-lasting. Be it through local or general anesthesia, quality treatment is the key and the milestone.

Let’s look into the details of the procedure and why we ensure you get great results from our clinic:

Why is tooth extraction important?

You might be wondering why is this even that important in the world of dentistry.

It is important because it keeps you safe from other relating complications and must be handled in the best way. Let’s now look into the types of extraction procedures you can have:


This is where with a local anesthesia, the area of treatment is numbed. It allows you to feel no pain and can be done smoothly by just forceps.


In this type, you are also given intravenous anesthesia. It also aims to give you the treatment in a relaxed, calm environment. However, you are unconscious during the procedure, and incision is made to cut through your tooth gum region.

Preparing for a tooth extraction:

Now we would like to give you a complete overview on how this treatment actually works. At Dentist Ahmed, we give you a proper consultation to prepare you properly on the procedure and ensure you get amazing results and there is no confusion any step of the way.

The first thing which is done is an X-ray of the tooth to be treated. At this point, it is important that you mention of any medications or supplements that you are taking.

Sometimes having a tooth extracted during a drug treatment can cause more problems and complications. Here is a list of all the conditions in which we don’t advise that you have a tooth extraction done unless we provide a complete green signal that it won’t lead to any complications and problems for you:

  • diabetes
  • liver problems
  • thyroid disease
  • renal disease
  • hypertension concerns
  • an artificial joint
  • damaged heart valves
  • adrenal disease
  • an impaired immune system

Are there any risk factors to look out for?

Yes, there may be a few things you need to look out for. At Dentist Ahmed, we ensure that all the matter is looked into properly so you receive a rewarding treatment.

Any expected complications that can arise will be properly discussed to ensure complete clarity on the matter.

However, these are some of the common risk factors you should be well aware of:

  • Sometimes in cases where a tooth extraction required more work and exertion, you will likely form a blood clot. This happens in that hole from which your tooth was taken out. But in certain cases, the blood clot can dislodge and this leads to a condition called ‘dry socket’.
  • The bleeding can last for a long time, even more than 12 hours
  • You can expect to go through a spell of fever and chilliness
  • If this isn’t controlled, it can lead to even an infection
  • Sometimes a patient can feel nauseous and feel the sensation of vomiting
  • Continuous and uncontrollable coughing
  • Getting heavy chest pain
  • Suffering from shortness of breath
  • Also swelling and redness can be a major factor

Keeping Everything in Order (Factors to Look Out For)

It is our team’s responsibility to ensure that you are well-taken care of.
We will adapt state-of-the art techniques which will give you amazing results in no time.

For us, it is critical that we prescribe antibiotics in certain cases. The reason may be:

  • The treatment can last for a long time
  • You are already suffering from an infection; this is critical that it must first be properly treated before undergoing a surgical method of tooth extraction.
  • If you are suffering from a prolonged medication problem, our team will make sure you are not subjected to any further problems or concerns.

Here’s a checklist for the patients to keep in mind when coming for the treatment:

Here’s a checklist for the patients to keep in mind when coming for the treatment:

  • For the surgical extraction, you should avoid eating and drinking for at least 6 to 8 hours before the appointment sets in.
  • Smoking is extremely harmful and avoid it for atleast a day or two before the treatment
  • If you are suffering from cold, your surgery and procedure will be rescheduled. We do not advise treatment if you are having nasal issues.
  • Also, if you have been suffering from vomiting or feel nauseous, please inform our team as this is also critical to examine and reschedule in most cases.

And lastly, you are probably not in the state to be able to drive yourself home. So, its better to have someone tag along to keep your treatment and recovery in focus.

After-Care (Post Tooth-Extraction Treatment)

Now let’s look into how to further accelerate the recovery process.
Aside from resting with your head inclined, you should also follow certain parameters to keep
the recovery process going smoothly.

Therefore, you should be able to know how having a limitation on your physical activity will help to avoid the exertion and keep the recovery process moving forward smoothly. Remember you will be able to heal faster and there are less chances of complications forming, if you keep these few things in mind


Swelling and Bruising

While it is fine to face certain swelling, if you are also facing fever with it and excruciating pain, then you must seek help immediately. For the swelling, the best way to combat it, is by making use of an ice pack. This will allow you to have some comfort while minimizing the swelling. To also ease the pain, you can also make use of heating effect which will add some comfort and ease.


Our team of experts can also suggest certain medications which will ensure that the pain is subsided. It is important that you start the medication before the numbness completely finishes and becomes more uncomfortable for you. However there are certain medicines which lead to lightheartedness. Some can also cause you to have diarrhea. Our dental experts will discuss all the effects before assigning the medication.

Mouth Care and Eating

It is important that you realize that after your treatment, you should avoid the need to rinse, spit or suck from a straw. This should be followed for a week at least. Also rinsing in a hard way can lead to lots of blood spitting, hence avid the need for the same. It is fine if you start brushing the non-surgical area of the surgery. When it comes to eating, try to eat softer foods in the first few days of your treatment. Things like pasta, fish, pudding and soft vegetables should be consumed. It is also imperative that you avoid extreme indulgence- very hot or very cold food items can lead to excessive pain and discomfort. It is best if you maintain a good, balanced diet and eat organic things.


What is the ProcedurIs tooth extraction a hurtful process?e for Crown?

The first step in this treatment is that your area of operation is numbed. So, for that, an injection is given. This feels like a sharp pinch. However, once your treatment area is numb, you will no longer feel any pain.

Is there a difference between a tooth extraction and the removal of a wisdom tooth?

You can say wisdom tooth removal is one type of extraction process. Where there is a simple extraction which is removing an infected tooth with forceps, wisdom teeth removal falls in the surgery category of extraction.

What is the procedure like?

This is a common treatment method. The procedure is slightly complicated because it doesn’t just remove the tooth but it also removes the root of the tooth.

Is it okay if I start smoking after treatment? It is definitely very harmful if you start smoking right after the treatment. Going into smoking habits after treatment can cause for complications to arise. It can also cause you to have extremely painful dry sockets.

It is definitely very harmful if you start smoking right after the treatment. Going into smoking habits after treatment can cause for complications to arise. It can also cause you to have extremely painful dry sockets.

What is the recovery period like?

The treatment involves a complete at-home care setup. At Dentist Ahmed we provide you the complete post-treatment care plan which will ensure your recovery goes smoothly.

Why choose Dentist Ahmed?

Our team of capable and professional orthodontists and dental experts come with years of experience and expertise. We work together as a team, keeping your well-bring and success of operations as our driving force. We adapt state of the art techniques to give you outstanding results as well as ensure you receive complete consultation pre- and post-treatment as your ultimate satisfaction will ensure we have attained our goals.

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