Toothache Remedy at Dentist Ahmed

When you feel strong, sudden pain in your tooth, you are having a toothache. This pain occurs around the tooth or in it and it can be highly uncomfortable.

It can interrupt your daily activities and disturb your quality of life. A toothache is a constant pain that does not go away on its own.

You will have to get a Toothache Remedy and treatment at Dentist Ahmed to solve this problem. We will eliminate your toothache and ensure that you leave satisfied.

When should you go to a Dentist?

If you have a mild or severe toothache, you should consider going to a dentist.
At Dentist Ahmed we hope to clear all your problems and worries by providing you the best toothache remedy.

You should visit us when :

  • your teeth show sensitivity to hot and cold changes of beverages and foods
  • you notice swelling around your teeth in your gums and cheeks
  • you feel a sharp pain while chewing
  • this pain is occasional or consistent
  • you have fever
  • your mouth has a bad odor
  • you feel a sharp pain when you touch your tooth
  • gums bleed
  • you have earache and headache also neck pain sometimes
  • there is throbbing in your teeth

If your toothache is accompanied by shortness of breath, wheezing, swelling in your face, coughing up blood, chest pain, issue swallowing and lightheadedness, then you probably need emergency care.

These signs hint towards spreading infection, lung cancer and heart attack.

Hence, a toothache can indicate a serious problem that should be solved timely.

People do try home remedies for toothache, however, these are temporary.

If you notice any of these symptoms and your toothache persists for a day or two, you should get professionally checked.

What causes your Toothache?

One of the most common causes of toothache is tooth decay. Tooth decay occurs as a result of cavities in your teeth. When cavities reach deep inside the tooth, it causes high pain as that is greater damage.

However, that is not the only reason that causes toothache. Your toothache may result from a fracture you are unaware of.

Not all fractures are known apparently so you may feel pain when you bit and pressurize that tooth. Teeth grinding is another way to damage your teeth and make them sensitive.

If you unconsciously grind or clench your teeth at night, you will undergo toothache because of sensitive teeth and irritated nerves.

You could also have a serious infection that has spread to your teeth roots from within the tooth. This is called an abscessed tooth or dental abscess. You should get checked immediately because the infection can also spread to the brain.

Gum disease or gingivitis can lead to gum swelling and cause pain and bone loss in nearby teeth and jawbone.

Moreover, if your bones and gums do not protect the roots of your teeth and they are exposed then they cause pain.  Mostly, while eating and drinking hot and cold things and brushing teeth.

Furthermore, any recent fillings, scaling, dental crowns and other dental work can make your teeth sensitive. Very rarely it can irritate nerves causing a toothache.

Also, if your wisdom teeth are unable to grow properly in the limited space of your mouth, they will cause pain. You cannot clean Impacted wisdom properly. Hence, they are more susceptible to infection and other problems like dental decay and pressure of hindered eruption.

Referred toothache causes

Though you may also feel referred pain which is not related to your oral cavity but with problems in other parts of your body. Referred pain refers to the problem that lies in another place and pain felt in another.

Such as sinusitis. The sinus cavity is close to your upper teeth roots hence, an infection in this cavity can make your upper teeth sensitive and cause pain.

Moreover, the vagus nerve goes through the heart, jaw and lungs among other parts. Hence, if you have a heart or lung disease, you may feel pain in your teeth. This is rare but still possible.

Sometimes a toothache can indicate a heart attack warning.

Toothache Remedy Procedure at Dentist Ahmed's clinic

Dentist Ahmed along with his expertly trained and skilled team will carry out your procedure.
They will begin by examining your oral cavity, taking your medical history and diagnosing the reason behind the toothache.


Our dentists will ask about your pain to ensure a proper diagnosis.

Tell them about :

  • the severity of your pain
  • its location
  • what worsens the pain and what helps to give temporary relief
  • how long have you had it

Alongside they will check your gums, mouth, teeth, jaw, tongue, sinus, and maybe your ear, neck, throat, and nose through dental X-ray and diagnostic tests.

A dental X-ray and diagnostic tests help to identify what causes you pain.

A cold stimuli test can help determine if your nerve is finely intact in your tooth or the pulp is inflamed.

Moreover, our dentists will check the impact on your teeth by noticing biting and chewing actions and by putting finger pressure.

Thus, these tests examine what causes pain by producing that same action.

Diagnostic tests help to determine the causes of referred pain if there are no issues in the oral cavity.

Toothache Remedy and Treatment

Our dentists will use a toothache remedy procedure depending on your diagnosis and cause of pain.

However, mostly they will repair the damage, remove the cause, and protect plus shield the exposed area from further damage.

If the cause is is an abscessed tooth, our doctors will perform a root canal treatment alongside toothache antibiotic medicine.

They will drain the infection thoroughly if it has spread further alongside antibiotic therapy.

If you have a cavity, then our doctors will fill it after clearing the decay.

However, if it is deep and has already affected the pulp, then they will have to proceed with a root canal treatment.

If you have a cracked or fractured tooth, then our dentists will administer a dental crown.

A dental crown placement helps to provide support to the cracked tooth and protect it from breaking further and causing pain.

A crown will also act as a replacement for missing tooth structure.

If you have a periodontal abscess, our dentists will carry out a drainage procedure.

Later they will remove any tartar buildup in the gum.

Followed by rinsing the gum pocket with chlorhexidine, an antimicrobial rinse.

Our dentists may also prescribe and recommend toothache painkillers and pain relievers for toothache so that you can manage pain even after the procedure.

However, there are certain cases where tooth extraction is the only option.

Huge damage to the tooth, bone and gums does not leave any other option rather than extraction.

These are toothache remedies for kids and adults that you can find at Dentist Ahmed's clinic.

Dentist Ahmed's Promise

At Dentist Ahmed's clinic, we will provide you with specialized care in your area of concern.
Our Toothache Remedy Procedure is for people of all ages and we will carry out your treatment in light of your medical history and existing conditions.

Our highly skilled dentists and dental hygienists are experienced and highly trained in catering to your needs and expectations and solving your problem. We offer:


Painless Procedures

Our dentists are trained to carry out your procedure without causing you any pain. Moreover, procedures that require anesthesia are carried out without any pain felt. You will not have to fear sitting on the dentist's chair at our clinic.

Safe Procedures

All of our equipment is safe and hygienic to use. We use state-of-the-art equipment and the latest technology to diagnose and treat your condition. Moreover, our high-quality equipment and an exemplary team of professionals will carry out your procedure safely minimizing any risks and complications. We will make sure that you are extremely comfortable at our clinic during your visit.

Affordable Procedures

Dental Procedures may or may not recovered by your Dental Insurance. However, you do not have to worry much as at Dentist Ahmed's clinic, you will find affordable procedures right in your budget.

Effective Procedures

At Dentist Ahmed's clinic, we will make sure that you leave pain-free and your toothache is cured. You may require to visit us more than once depending on the cause of your toothache and your treatment plan. Rest assured we will eliminate your pain and meet all your expectations to give you amazing results.

Hence, we can guarantee that you will have a safe, painless and comfortable procedure at Dentist Ahmed's Clinic and we will assure that you leave satisfied.

If you are suffering from Toothache and want a solution, do not wait on it longer and say goodbye to random and continuous toothache at night and day.


We have described our Toothache Remedy procedure above.
However, if you still want to know more here are answers to your most common concerns regarding Toothache Remedy.
If your query isn’t answered here, you are more than welcome to get in touch with our team of professionals at Dentist Ahmed's clinic.

Can I treat my Toothache with home remedies?

You must have heard about home remedies that can calm your toothache. But that is what they will do at best.

Home remedies can provide you temporary relief or can act as an emergency toothache relief however, they cannot cure your toothache.

Only a dental procedure can effectively eliminate your toothache for it to not return.

How can I prevent toothache after the procedure?

Basic oral care can go a long way. However, you need to regularly care for your mouth.

Brushing twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, flossing regularly and booking a dentist visit once in 6 months will keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Other than that, take care of what you eat and drink. Avoid biting and chewing hard foods, moreover, try to reduce sugary foods and beverages.

Is a toothache fatal?

A toothache in itself cannot cause death. However, the reason for the toothache can make you severely ill especially if it is an untreated infection.

Infections can spread across your body and can prove to be fatal if they reach the brain.

Moreover, toothaches can be a symptom or warning sign of another serious condition like a heart attack. Hence, you will need to take it quickly.

Can I get a toothache remedy and treatment if I am pregnant?

Yes, you can get treated while you are pregnant. However, our dentists may take a few additional safety measures to ensure the safety of you and your unborn child.

What are the safety measures for my procedure if I am pregnant?

Any dental work is ideally recommended to be carried out in the second trimester.

Though, if you have an infection or are undergoing extreme pain, then the procedure can be carried out at any time.

Our dentists will make sure to put a lead apron on you so that the unborn child is protected from any harmful rays.

Furthermore, they will carefully prescribe you medicines that will not cause any harm to you or the baby.

Over-the-counter medicines are not considered safe in this condition hence they will be avoided.

Local anesthesia and antibiotics will be carefully administered to ensure safety.

Is there any emergency toothache relief?

You should ideally get checked by a dentist if you are facing severe toothache.

However, if that is not possible then over-the-counter medicines may provide you temporary relief.

Though, it is best to consult your dentist to prescribe you medicine.

If you want to try a home remedy then salt water rinse may help soothe your pain for a while.

Can flu cause toothache?

Your sinuses get cold when you will get cold.

Hence your teeth might ache if the tooth root is near sinuses.

How will you treat toothache from sinusitis?

Your doctor will prescribe you antibiotics or decongestant medication to treat sinusitis.

Toothache from sinusitis is temporary. Hence, as your sinusitis cures, the toothache disappears.

Why can't I correctly identify the tooth that is aching?

All the nerves from the tooth root are connected to the big trigeminal nerve.

This nerve is found in the face and jaw therefore, the cause of your toothache may lie in the upper jaw but you may feel pain in the lower jaw.

Moreover, if you have caries then it is easier to identify the tooth if they are visible on the outside of the tooth.

However, if it is inside the tooth, the pain can be felt elsewhere.

Only a dentist can clearly identify the teeth that are aching after proper examination and diagnosis.

What is the cost of a Toothache Remedy procedure?

You may want to confirm if your Dental Insurance covers the Toothache Remedy.

At Dentist Ahmed's clinic, all dental procedures are affordable and stay within your budget.

The cost will depend on the cause of the toothache and the treatment plan.

Book an appointment to visit us so that we identify the reason behind your pain and treat it completely.

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