When it comes to eating well and looking good, there have been many kinds of different philosophies on how to do it right.

While some suggest dieting and working out, others base their decisions to making a wholesome lifestyle by eating right and aiming to indulge in just the superfoods.

But what is the truth ?

What stands tall and is actually the holy grail to looking and feel your absolute good. Well, there is no one standard method to consider or follow.

But there are a few misconceptions that you should know, especially when it comes to what you are putting in your mouth which says its healthy.

Turns out, some of these things aren’t as healthy as they claim to be.

In fact they cause more harm to the body than good.

So this article will be aiming to focus on exactly those foods. The Not-So-Healthy ‘Superfoods’.


Let’s get into it already:

Looking into Unhealthy Superfoods:

what are superfoods

So just because you see something which says ‘super’, does that guarantee the food in front of you is actually really great for your health?

Not really.

This is a sneaky and cunning way by which marketers try to make you buy those things which are actually causing your body more harm than good.

You must have seen how fruit juices and even bran muffins in coffee houses are labelled as the healthy starter to the day.

But how much truth is there to this statement?

Is it really as super as it claims to be?

You might have also seen advertisements on Nutella- the ultimate hazelnut chocolate spread being promoted as a great breakfast choice.

And believe it or not, people have been following it so.

Read the Labels- Make Smart Choices

reading the labels to understand better

So here’s the deal- don’t be naïve.

Read the labels of whatever you purchase to understanding exactly how healthy it really is.

There are actually hidden sugars, fats and even plenty of calories in certain superfood choices- learn to understand and identify them.’

We are going to burst the bubble on you and shed light on some of the most poorly understood superfoods which are actually causing you more harm than good.

So let’s look into the top unhealthy superfoods:

Protein Shakes and Protein Bars- hidden unhealthy superfoods

truth about protein bars

When it comes to looking your absolute good, in these times people are always looking for the quick solutions.

You want to get those great results but you want them on the clock.

One of the most popular fads has been the rise of protein bars. Marketers have been promoting them as the quick way to losing those pounds and taking on healthy options wrapped in a bar.

Is it true though?

Is it even possible that you can attain a wholesome living with just consuming a small health bar- no, it is not.

Don’t fall for these superficial stances.

They try to advertise with big, mighty words like ‘organic’ and ‘gluten-free’ but nutritionists point out its all bogus claims.

There are actually plenty of hidden calories in these protein bars. And since they are not as fulfilling, people even end up eating 2 or 3 of these at one time.

It is better for you to replace this option with either nonfat Greek yogurt.

Or enjoy a hard-boiled egg with some crackers on the side.

The Truth About Granola

use granola in natural form

Now this may come across as a major surprise to you all but granola is actually overloaded with sugar.

Yes you heard me.

It is actually on of the major tricks in the so-called health book.

While the organic whole-grain product is actually really good for you, it doesn’t come alone like that in the box.

In fact this is packed with so much sugar and fat.

There is also a lot of hidden calories to it. So what can be done?

Simple- make your own granola mix.

You can still enjoy granola without the sugar even using some on top of your yogurt.

Understand and be observant of the labels- there’s a reason why they taste so sweet without you needing to add sugar ( because there is sugar inside already).

How Good Are Dried Fruits Really and is it one of the unhealthy superfoods?

avoid dried fruits and enjoy real fruits

Now you may have heard about dried fruits with people saying how it’s so much better to snack on than fries and chips?

Yes while there is some truth to it, it doesn’t entirely mean that either. It can lead to tooth erosion if you consume too much.

You see, there is a good amount of vitamins and minerals in them but with that, the process of creating dried fruits also adds plenty of sugar and calories into the mix.

Prunes for example is a popular choice. But did you know there are more than 400 calories in just one cup of prunes?

And add to it, more than 50grams of sugar?


These are reasons enough to understand the double meaning and the hidden sugar underneath it all.

So it is best for you to opt for fresh fruits instead of dried fruits. Also they have a good amount of water content- water is good for you and it helps to keep you full.

The Two-Ways of a Caesar Salad

Caesar salad comes with several fattening side dressings

How often does it happen that you walk into a restaurant and being health-conscious, you end up ordering a Caesar salad?

But here I am yet again going to let the cat out of the bag.

A Caesar salad is not a healthy option.

Sure having that juicy and crunchy iceberg lettuce surrounded by vitamins and minerals is the healthy choice you aim to target.

But on your plate, you won’t just find the healthy leaves as it comes with shredded cheese, some kind of dressing with plenty of calories as well as croutons which are also heavy on calories.

So the effect of eating greens gets easily cancelled by the side dressing.

Margarine Over Butter- One of the unhealthy superfoods

margarine is not better than butter

This is probably one of the longest debates happening – is butter better or margarine?

Sure it is better if you are worrying over heart health. But that doesn’t mean every brand is making margarine in the same way.

Some actually have certain trans fats hidden in them.

This is even worse than the saturates fats you will find in butter.

So how do you know which margarine to choose?

Well, for this as well you should look into the labels. Read the labels and pick the margarine which has low levels of fat.

This means it has low chances of hitting you with cholesterol.

Also it is best if you can find brands that are making use of plant stanols as these are known to help you to reduce the cholesterol levels.

But ideally, it is best if you make use of both kinds sparingly and don’t consume butter or margarine on a daily basis.

The ‘Sugary’ Side of Fruit Juices

fruit juices contain just sugar

When it comes to drinking juices, it is one thing which is actually the most harmful.

Those fruit juices you find in various aisles of the supermarkets are nothing but sugar inside bottles.

A juice drink causes plenty of harm.

You should opt to not buy these as they are usually less than 10 percent real juice. Having too much of these sugar drinks can also cause tooth decay and the ultimate root canal treatment. 

If you are really craving juices hard, why not make one at the comfort of your homes with a blender?

But again, why not just consume the fruit directly.

Eating oranges is more healthy than making orange juice.

Also did you know that watermelons are almost 99percent water. So chomp these juicy fruitiest fruits to gain the complete advantage.

Sports Drinks- Bursting the Myth

sports drink-on of unhealthy superfoods

When it comes to talking about disguised drinks, I want you to know that even sports drinks are not what they are saying to be.

These drinks are made keeping hard-core athletes in mind.

Considering the kind of diet they have and the routine they have to maintain, it isn’t making much of a difference if they are getting that liquid sugar.

But do you really need it after working an hour in the gym or  a walk around the block?

What’s better for you is to make use of infused drinks to give you flavor without the added calories. The best ones in summer are making use of cucumber and mint leaves in your cool drink- it keeps you hydrated with added green benefits.

Identify the truth and take your clear stance. It may help you in plenty of ways.

In a Nut Shell

So there you have it. I have shared all you need to know about those unhealthy ‘superfoods’ which are causing more harm than good.

Do not fall for those marketing gimmicks and make wise choices.

First thing is to learn to read the labels and have a good understanding on how much amount means it is in good levels and what means you need to quit consuming this certain kind of superfood.

Understand how they are not superfoods- they have hidden calories, fats and sugar.

I have shared the alternatives as well which taste just as good but don’t secretly pile on the pounds. It is high time you ditch those unhealthy