Time and again it has been said and stated how important it is to be flossing right.  Flossing your teeth is as essential as brushing them. Many health experts suggest that both go hand in hand. This includes using floss threaders when needed.

For you to maintain good, oral hygiene, it is important that you adapt certain tactics which ensure your teeth are in the best care and look amazing. As we continue to age, it is our teeth which faces the most impact. You need to focus on good oral hygiene.

Otherwise it will lead to various complications, And can also lead to several diseases, if not taken care of in a controlled timeframe.

So instead of focusing on what has to be done in the long run and face unnecessary complications, it is best that you make some wise, hygienic choices now to curb the matter.

Hence that brings us to our discussion of today- making use of floss threader!

Let’s start:

What is a Floss Threader?

floss threaders for teeth with retainers and braces

Floss threaders have been around for several years. They help in keeping your teeth clean and in shape. While many don’t really understand their usage, it turns out floss threaders are flexible yet very assisting when using them for dental flossing.

But the interesting thing is, many people still don’t know how to use them properly. While you can make use of its application in the simplest way. And it is something which is easily found in different grocery stores and even pharmacies, people are still certainly gullible on how to make use of them.

The good thing about these threaders is that you can make use of them with any kind of floss. While there are certain types which are reusable, there are some which you can easily dispose off too.

But you need to make a wise decision on what kind do you want to be using. If you are opting to use a reusable one, then this one is effective as long as you are properly cleaning it.

And to properly clean your dentures, you need to rinse them properly in warm water. And this should be done after every single time you use them.

Should I Be Using a Floss Threader

Now coming to our second question- who is most applicable for its application? A floss threader is helpful in cleaning the spaces between your teeth when you have other procedures done to your teeth.

So let’s look into the specifics, on how you are eligible to making use of this floss threader:

  • In case you are wearing braces, adapt the usage of these kind of threader. This allows for you to get the proper and extensive cleaning which you won’t otherwise.
  • Also if you are using a permanent dental retainer, then make sure you are getting the flossing done properly.
  • It is helping when you are in the middle of getting any kind of bridgework done. This allows for your teeth to remain in their best, oral hygiene.
  • Having dental appliances that are preventing your ability to keep your teeth in complete, mint condition means that you need floss threaders.

So now that we have had a good discussion on what are floss threaders and how are we to use them properly, let’s move onto discussing what is the difference between simple floss and floss threaders.

What is the Difference?

When we are talking about simple flossing, it is basically a simple thread which comes with very thin filaments. This is very helpful as it will be cleaning the spaces in between your teeth and you do so before tooth brushing also.

Simple Flossing

The good thing about these threads is that they can easily reach and are able to clean your teeth from different angles.

It is essential to get this done right. Otherwise you are prone to suffering from gum disease if it is not spotless. So make sure you are getting a pack of these threads. And remember to dispose off as soon as you have used once.

But the problem with this floss is that you cannot use it if you have dental retainer or braces. And this is where floss threaders come into the picture.

When to Use Floss Threaders

how often should I use floss threaders?

So now we can look into the significance of floss threaders. This are made of plastics. Also they are quite flexible and even rigid. They work great as they are able to assist with the dental flossing techniques which you need when wearing orthodontic wires, as well as dental bridges and even retainers.

Their appearance is like they look like a needle. And they can easily pass in between the small spaces of your teeth.

They make up for a quick and efficient clean. When you are having certain orthodontic appliances which are fitted in precision in your teeth, using floss threaders is a wise choice.

The good thing about these threaders is that they work great with any kind of floss that you place in. Also you can reuse them. But it is important that before you do, you are going to clean them properly with hot water. There are different companies and brands out there from which you can choose. However it is a simple structure so the brand name does not matter.

It comes down to how you are cleaning your teeth and flossing with a floss threader. And how are you cleaning it afterwards.

Application of Super Floss

Now, there may be times where you may have heard of people using a super floss. So what is that? This is basically relating to making use of some of the best elements to ensure that your teeth are clean. Its applicable when you have applied bridges, braces and even dental wires.

For such cases, having plaque buildup can be a huge problem. So in such cases, you need to adapt ways to super floss. This means that there are three major elements which come into play here. These will include having a regular floss thread, making use of a spongy floss and also applying a proper dental floss threader in the frame.

This is a very useful resource in dental and oral health. It allows for you to have a proper cleaning even if you are wearing braces or retainers. Using normal floss and picking out food from a toothpick is highly not suggested in such cases. Having floss picks allows for you to have no-slip grips, ensuring proper cleaning is done. And that too in a safe method.

Now let’s move onto when you should be using it :

Regular Cleaning with Floss Threader

cleaning in between spaces of teeth

When it comes to making use of a floss threader, adapt its usage in a regular motion. It is not just the kind of flossing method you will use but also how effectively and when you will be using it.

You should be educating yourself on what are the most effective flossing techniques. And this means, you are going to making this as part of your daily routine. This is the first and most important step of how you are taking care of your oral health.

Here are some of the major tips to adapt when cleaning your teeth in a proper manner:

  • Choose a time of the day when it is most convenient for you to clean your teeth
  • Make sure you are devoting proper time and giving ample attention to how it should be done
  • It is important that you use your floss just once
  • You can clean the floss threader with warm water. But the floss thread has to go
  • If you are still not getting a grasp on how to clean properly, visit your dentist to get a complete breakdown on how to do it
  • Make regular follow-up checkups to ensure your teeth are in complete health and look good
  • Ensuring a clean and healthy routine of dental services allows for your teeth to look shiny and have a beaming smile


This article was all about floss threaders. You already know the importance of flossing. It goes hand in hand with brushing your teeth. But flossing with a simple thread is not applicable when you have retainers or braces. And this is when floss threaders come into the picture. They are needed to keep your teeth in a good condition.

If you do not apply floss threaders in a proper manner and clean between spaces in the teeth, plaque can build. It can get worse and up to the point where it can lead to even gum diseases. Using floss threaders is not as hard as many assume it to be. You need to adapt certain tactics to ensure it is done right.

In this article we have shared all the details about using floss threaders and how they make your health better. Your oral hygiene is in your own control. Make sure you are using your time wisely and adapting dental hygiene practices that will serve you in the long run! Always remember that toothbrushing and flossing are equally important.