You may blame your weight gain on what you are putting in your mouth, but the truth might be that your mouth is the problem. Yes, it illustrates the complex, reciprocal relationship between oral health and your overall health. 

It is essential to understand that an unhealthy mouth can contribute to weight gain. As it can encourage unhealthy behaviors, directly triggering weight gain. 

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Maintaining good oral health should be your goal. We should all be striving to achieve every day. Good oral health makes you feel your best selves, but having good oral health reduces your risk of developing a variety of conditions and diseases.

Brushing, flossing, tongue-cleaning, and other regular dental visits are critical ways to keep your mouth healthy. But did you know that a healthy diet and your proper weight management program can positively impact oral health?

Are You Avoiding Healthy Foods That Lead to Weight Gain?

If your teeth and gums start to hurt, you will naturally stay away from foods that make them hurt worse. Unfortunately, that includes a lot of healthy foods. Healthy foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables. 

As you might know, crisp fruits and vegetables are hard to eat with sore teeth and gums. In addition, the acid in some of these foods may be painful on your sensitive gums. Moreover, eating meat can also be a problem, with fibers that may usually get caught between your teeth. These meat pieces may irritate your teeth and gums.

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So what will you eat instead? Yes, it is likely a lot more of those processed foods. Processed foods often include a lot of unhealthy carbs, especially sugars and fats. They are easy to eat, but they can be hard on your body and teeth. The extra sugar you consume contributes to more tooth decay. In addition, a diet like that will easily make you gain weight. 

How Weight Gain And Oral Health Correlate

One way your oral health correlates to what you eat and your weight has to do with your blood glucose levels. Glucose or sugar is the favorite food of the bacteria in your mouth. And when you eat, your blood glucose goes up. Particularly when you are not eating healthy foods. 

Maintaining a healthy human body weight naturally reduces your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. As a result, it makes blood sugar even more challenging to regulate, thus putting oral health at risk.

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Inflammation in your body due to weight gain can also be harmful. It can make your bones lose density, and you can even lose teeth because of gum disease. Therefore, maintaining a healthy diet and weight is crucial. Your teeth and gums need the proper nutrients and vitamins from your foods to be strong and work correctly.

Inflammation Contributes to Weight Gain

We all know that inflammation is an essential factor between obesity, diabetes, and oral health. Note that inflammatory proteins are essential signals in your body’s immune response. 

When you have a chronic infection like gum disease, your body releases a lot more inflammatory compounds. These inflammatory proteins then interfere with some of the important hormones like leptin. Leptin helps your body regulate energy use and weight loss. Inflammation may also contribute to chronic fatigue, making it more challenging for you to start or maintain a good exercise routine.

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So we see that inflammation is associated with future weight gain. But other things get terrible. Fat cells also release inflammatory proteins. So not only does having fat make it more likely to gain weight, but it can ramp up your body’s immune response to oral bacteria. It just makes the situation worse.

Can Invisalign Lead to Weight Gain?

If you are the type of person who enjoys small meals throughout the day and then starts with an Invisalign procedure, you may gain weight. 

Some individuals lose weight with Invisalign because they can not eat with their aligners. The reason being they do not want to brush their teeth only to enjoy a small snack. 

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If you have an Invisalign, it forces many individuals to eat larger meals instead of small meals throughout the day. It is mainly for convenience. Therefore it can cause you to eat more calories (low calorie diet) than you should take, which my lead to weight gain.

Is It Hard For You To Exercise?

It is not just that you are eating unhealthy foods. If you have an unhealthy mouth, you may find it hard to exercise. 

Remember that gum disease is a chronic infection, quite similar to having a cold or the flu. Only imagine that you are experiencing that every day. You just do not know what harm it does only because you think that is normal.

Something else that could be sapping your energy is diabetes. Do you know that diabetes contributes to your risk of gum disease? But gum disease, in turn, can make your diabetes worse. 

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Hope you know that diabetes is not just about blood sugar. It is a dysfunction in the way your body processes and uses energy. So with worsened diabetes symptoms, it can make it harder for you to find the energy to go out and exercise.

Can Losing Weight Affect Your Teeth?

If you are trying to lose weight on a strict diet that only involves juice cleansings, meal replacements, and cutting carbs, you need to think again. Eating only raw foods or cutting out essential nutrients – can affect your teeth. 

Note that losing weight might cause an unhealthy mouth if you are not following healthy procedures. If your diet contains too much sugar and not enough nutrients, your teeth can suffer. 

Do yourself a favor and stay away from diets that eliminate certain foods from your diet. Weight loss is possible and maintainable with the right caloric deficit.

Does Bad Gum Make You Gain Weight?

If you are trying to lose weight, you may think chewing gum is a good option. As many think it is an excellent way to prevent yourself from eating. 

Unfortunately, this process does not work for everyone. For some people, it can make them crave sugar even more, primarily because it uses fake sugar. 

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This can cause you to eat more sweets in the end. So if you are wondering whether chewing gums can cause weight gain, then the answer is up to you. Yes, it helps you ward off eating sweets. But for some, it may cause you to eat more sweets.

Your Mouth: A Window to Total Health

Good dental hygiene is perhaps one of the most highly recommended healthcare practices. Everyone agrees that a healthy diet and regular brushing and flossing will help maintain good oral health.

Eating too many sugary substances and candies is bad for your teeth. Moreover, scheduled trips to your dentist will help with your teeth and gums.

And now, exciting new studies suggest that exceptional oral health has only been linked to optimal wellness –  which extends far beyond your teeth and gums.

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According to a study, individuals with higher body weight had below oral health. It often included oral inflammation, tooth cavities, and periodontitis. 

All these seem to be associated with leaky gums and other health problems. You might have already heard of leaky gut syndrome. A condition where bacteria and other particles enter your bloodstream through the intestines and other areas of the gut.

Well, in terms of maintaining healthy body weight, it will look like gum disease and other oral health issues. As it can impact your body’s hormone levels and overall inflammation. Probably as the bacteria are more likely to spread from the mouth in individuals who do not care for their teeth on a regular basis. 

This vicious cycle of the poor tooth and gum care, chronic inflammation, and bacteria buildup often encourage weight gain. It happens since your body is constantly dealing with inflammation and not absorbing all the much-needed nutrients properly.

Researchers have always associated obesity and weight gain with illnesses like diabetes and some immune disorders. In some ways, it all leads back to your mouth and oral health. 

A Healthy Mouth Leads to a Healthy Body

This close interaction between unhealthy teeth, gum disease, and weight gain are just several ways your oral health may be destroying your overall health. 

Most of the time, these interactions are subtle and are often complex. But if you understand them thoroughly, you can break the cycle. You also need to realize that you can break the cycle and achieve a healthier lifestyle. That will take care of the mouth, body, and spirit.

But it is also true that not all health issues can be directly tied to oral healthcare habits. But one thing is for sure. If you take care of your mouth the right way, there is a better chance of good overall health – including healthy body weight.

Yes, brushing and flossing your teeth can do the magic. Your optimal dental health will promote total health. It will also help you keep your waistline trim and your overall body mass index (BMI) within reasonable levels.