Getting goosebumps by the thoughts of how to make your hyperactive child sit still on the dentist chair? Tensed about how the dentist will examine him? When it comes to dealing with your child’s dental issues, a pediatric dentist can be more helpful than a general dentist. 

It is true that dental care is important for people of all ages. But it is all the more essential for children because they are undergoing constant change. 

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Nowadays, maintaining good dental hygiene is challenging for young patients. As they easily get addicted to sugary foods and candies, which are available everywhere.  The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry AAPD is the largest body that promotes the dental health of children worldwide.

Hence it becomes imperative for you to periodically consult your dentist for your child.

Who is a Pediatric Dentist?

Pediatric dentistry is a specialized domain in dentistry where dentists specialize in taking care of your child’s oral health right from infancy all the way through the teen years. They go to dental schools for their specialized trainings. 

A dentist has extensive experience and is highly qualified. They can take care of your child’s teeth and gums along the various childhood stages. 

Your child’s first baby teeth appear in the first six months after birth. By the time your child reaches the age 6, they start losing their first set of milk teeth. Which get eventually replaced with secondary, permanent teeth after a few years. 

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Your dentist for babies can take care of all aspects of oral health care for your developing kid. They undergo the additional education required to provide primary and comprehensive care to babies, young children as well as adolescents. A dentist learns different ways to make your child’s visit to the dentist less traumatic. 

In the absence of proper dental care, there are chances that your child will face possible oral decay and disease. This will cause a lifetime of complications, trauma and pain. 

Family dentists are meant for all as they practice general dentistry for people of all ages. But a dentist spends all day treating only kids. 

Listed below are a few good reasons to take your child to a specialist pediatric dentist:

Reason 1: Pediatric Dentist Help Establishing Good Habits

The most important role of a dentist is to get your child to develop good oral health care habits. If they learn to visit dentists from a young age, it will help them in the future. 

They will learn the importance of a dental visit, twice a year. It will become a practice and will become a part of their routine. 

On the other hand, bad memories of traumatic dental therapy during childhood can have a bad influence. It might impact your child negatively and make them reject adequate dental care for life.

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Your dentist can also help establish good flossing and brushing techniques from childhood.

Dentists who are trained in pediatric care – exactly know how to tackle and interact with little kids. They can also make them feel comfortable and relaxed. They can use fun games and toy toothbrushes to demonstrate good oral habits.

If your child develops dental anxiety, you should talk to them and stand by them. Coordinate with your  dentist, discuss the problems and make your child’s life simpler.

Reason 2 : Too much Sugary Candies and Chocolates

Early exposure and addiction to sugary candies, chocolates and beverages can give rise to dental problems. Moreover, low calcium intake in processed foods has aggravated dental problems. 

Today, early childhood dental cavities are five times more common in children than asthma. The absence of proper dental care from the very beginning can make your child’s life complex. Else your children can face possible oral decay and dental disease that could lead to a lifetime of dental complications. 

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Hence the best option is that your child should get used to regular dental checkups from the very beginning. Thus allowing them to enjoy trouble-free oral health throughout their lives. 

Early checkups in your child help prevent tooth decay and cavities that could lead to pain and other medical issues. On the other hand, children with healthy teeth learn to speak clearly, chew food quickly and smile with confidence.

Reason 3: Importance of Baby Teeth

It is important to note that your kids primary teeth are important in aesthetics, functioning and space maintenance. They are equally important for your child’s proper speech and lip support. 

Healthy primary teeth will allow the normal eruption of your kid’s permanent teeth. It will also help your child in the normal development of the teeth, jaw bones and muscles. 

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On the other hand if your kid’s tooth becomes infected and decayed, it will lead to several problems. Extraction at an early age could lead to improper space management. And later on, can give rise to crooked permanent teeth. 

Cavities and decay in your baby’s teeth can happen very quickly. A small tooth cavity can become large and affect other teeth as well. As a result, an infection in their primary teeth can lead to permanent tooth damage in the future.

Reason 4: Pediatric Dentists Know how to Keep Children Calm

As we all know children detest visiting the dentist. There could be many reasons for that. Kids dentists are different from regular dentists. They exactly understand what makes children nervous and fearful. 

They know exactly how to approach treating youngsters, toddlers or kids. Your pediatric dentist Dubai knows how to keep children calm, happy and drama-free while they sit on the dentist chair.

In fact, after your child’s first visit, they might even look forward to returning back for the next visit. However, you will not find the same type of reaction in your child with a regular dentist.

Reason 5: Pediatric Dentists are Trained to Treat Developing Teeth

Kids dentists receive specialized training to care and treat growing teeth and gums. They have the specialized knowledge and skills necessary to handle kid’s dental issues. 

They are well versed in treating the teeth and gums of infants, children and teens. By visiting a dentist, your child’s tooth decay, cavities and any other oral health issues will be handled better.

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These specialized kids dentists also understand how to treat older kids and wisdom teeth issues.

Furthermore, your dentist is qualified to provide sedation to youngsters undergoing intense dental treatments and procedures.

Reason 6: Pediatric Dentists provide Custom Care

Your kids dentist will take the time to customize dental care in accordance with your child’s development. 

Dental clinics for children are designed for kids as they have a play area. Your dentist will use smaller tools that look more kid-friendly. Moreover, they are great at explaining dental procedures and terms to their patients. 

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Because dentists only treat children, their experience enables them to quickly identify issues which are unique to every child. They also have the expertise to solve those issues instantly.

They exactly know the best ways to instill optimal oral health habits in your child at the early stages in life. Take your child to a dentist, and he will set the stage for a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums.

Reason 7: Pediatric Dentist has the Dental Equipment your Child Needs

It does not make sense to take your child to a regular dentist. They will be threatened by the sight of the dental instruments being used to perform procedures. 

Take your child to a dentist and they will enjoy a treatment performed using small-sized equipment. Specially when they have dental injuries. 

In fact, your children’s dentist will make all efforts to ease your little one in the treatment room. And will ensure that every moment is filled with fun and excitement.

Reason 8: Pediatric Dentist Clinic Ambience Suits the Kids

The ambience of a child’s dental clinic is carefully designed so as not to scare a child. The clinic of a kids dentist looks very much like playgrounds and amusement centers. 

Toys and video games fill the play areas. Story books, board games are there. The walls have colourful murals with cartoon characters. 

It is the last thing to look like a dentist clinic with intimidating instruments. This type of decor builds up confidence in your little child. They do not feel threatened or intimidated. 

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This actually has far-reaching consequences. The presence of other kids in the clinic also helps. So, whether your child is super-shy or super chatty, a specialist knows how to handle every personality.

Some of these clinics also give out kid-friendly prizes at the end of each visit.

Reason 9: A Pediatric Dentist Provides Comfort

The hallmark of a pediatric dental clinic is the kid-friendly and comforting atmosphere. This goes a long way to help lessen children’s fears of going to the dentist. 

The clinic is often decorated and sized with kids in mind. The dentist and staff in the dental clinic are expert in dealing with kids. They can explain procedures and terms so that children can understand and feel at ease. This helps them to maintain a healthy smile. 

The pleasant routine visits to the dentist as a child builds confidence – that will help them later in life. As a parent you must talk to your child about going to the dentist in a soft and loving tone.  

Use the words your child will understand and avoid using the words like shot, needle, drill, blood etc. You can read out a pictorial book if needed. Also, schedule the appointment at such a time that will not interfere with the child’s nap or meal times.


Your pediatric dentists exactly know how to make your child’s visit fun. Most of the little ones can’t wait to come back. Imagine – your child wants to go to the dentist without grudging. So that’s something to smile about.