When it comes to maintaining proper dental hygiene, tooth decay is a major cause of concern.

And do you know it is something that can hit you at any age.

There are also a list of worst foods which can damage your teeth in a number of ways.

This is because having cavities. And how do these cavities form on your teeth?

It happens when you are suffering from plaque. Plaque leads to bacteria formation on your teeth. And its is then that the cavity formation starts to take place as the bacteria begins to metabolize the sugar in the mouth.

What leads to this condition manifesting is that there is acid formation which starts to dissolve the tooth’s enamel which is the hard and outer surface of the tooth.

So basically in this blog post we will be detailing and talking about the worst foods for your teeth and how they harm your your teeth in a number of ways:

How Your Food Impacts Your Teeth:

eating better helps

While you may have heard time and again how exercising and having a healthy diet plays a key role in making you fit. It is also true that the having a healthy mouth also plays a key role in how you maintain your health specifically your oral health.

Your quality of life depends on a number of factors which include how your mental, physical and well-being are all inter-related.

If you are suffering from poor oral health, it means there are certain factors which are not in complete order. If you have oral infections or oral pain, then that means the way you eat, speak or socialize is going to be impacted by this situation.

Let’s now look into the specific kinds of food items which will affect your teeth.

Sugary Sweets are Worst Foods

This is the major kind of food item which affect your teeth drastically. Anyone knows how we should curb and limit our sugar intake.  It is because it can cause plenty of harm than good. They can lead to tooth extraction as well.

You should know how eating excessive sweets actually leads to them dissolving in your mouth. And when this happens, you will notice how these candies don’t quickly dissolve with your saliva.

So this means your teeth will not be able to clean themselves when the candy is stuck in sides. While the list of sugary items is endless, some of the most common kinds of problematic candies and sweets you should avoid are:

  • cakes
  • pies
  • hard candies
  • jellies
  • cookies
  • puddings

If you are finding it hard to completely avoid eating these desserts, then what you can do is brush your teeth right after eating as this will wash off the plaque, so that it doesn’t turn into bacteria soon.

Carbonated Drinks

the damage by carbonated drinks

These can be considered as extremely harmful to your health. But the only issue with them is not just the sugar amount.

Even those without sugar are harmful as they contain high amounts of acid.

They can damage your teeth and this leads to cavity formation and also dental erosion.

Of course the major way to keep your teeth protected is by avoiding drinking such soft drinks completely. This will keep your teeth in a much more healthy condition.

Also try to find better and healthier substitutes. This will keep your mouth safe from teeth sensitivity.

Instead of sugary drinks, opt for simple water or unsweetened water. You can also choose flavored green tea as it will give some flavor while keeping your teeth save from all the sugar harm.


looking into pickles

Now this may come across as a surprise to many. But turns out consuming a lot of pickles isn’t really good for your health too.

This is because when it comes to making these pickles, there is also vinegar present.

And vinegar is known to contain acid which affects and wears away your teeth’s enamel.

Also when you go to a grocery mart, you will notice how different pickled foods actually contain a lot of sugar.

This is a major contributor of cavities in the mouth. So you should definitely make use of pickles sparingly.

Citrus Fruits- One of the Worst Foods

consuming citrus fruits

So while you may have heard how citrus fruits are really good for your health, turns out that if you are just consuming citrus fruits, you are actually leading towards the rise in citrus acid in the body.

This citrus acid in the fruits will lead towards the erosion of the teeth i.e. the tooth enamel. When this happens you will become more vulnerable to suffering from cavities.

Some of the leading fruits which can lead towards the build of citrus acid are lemons, sweet lime and even grapefruit.

One of the best ways in which you can keep your teeth protected is by drinking these kinds of juices using straws so that the acids do not touch your teeth.

Also don’t consume these kinds of fruits on an empty stomach as it can affect your health in worst ways. Understand your body’s mechanism to ensure it is in optimal working state.

Crackers- One of the Worst Foods as Well?

adding crackers to diet

These in itself are not harmful but if you consume crackers excessively, they can hurt and damage your teeth.

This is because they lead to body inflammation. And inflammation is on of the major causes of chronic conditions.

Very common teeth conditions and diseases like periodontitis and gingivitis happen when there is high inflammation around your teeth.

And if you are consuming a lot of crackers or anything which has a high level of carbohydrates, you are damaging your teeth more than you would know.

You should also look for options where you consume crackers without high amounts of sugar as this will limit the damage to some extent. Sugar and acid going together are known to cause more harm to your teeth and oral hygiene.

Pasta Sauce & Pasta

This can become a deadly combination for your teeth. Did you know tomatoes are extremely acidic in nature?

Combine that with the carbohydrates in your pasta and if you consume this often, you have a recipe for disaster.

There is plenty of tomatoes added into the pasta sauce.

This acidic nature of this kind of fruit leads to excessive damage to your tooth’s enamel. The carbs can lead to the bacteria causing even more cavities in your mouth.

So if you are a major pasta enthusiast, you can always look for alternatives. Have your pasta without the sauce.

You can do so by making use of simple cheese or some basil and olive oil to add to your pasta. Or in case you are craving pasta sauce, you can simply add it onto your salad or a bran bread piece.

Get creative and look for interesting alternatives!

Apple Cider

apple cider benefits

While there are endless benefits to having apple cider vinegar, it leads to detoxifying properties.

But apple cider is also very acidic  in nature. This means it can quickly erode through your teeth enamel.

So if you are trying to gain the benefits of apple cider, do so by adding water to it as well. Also instead of gulping it down quickly, all at once, you can try drinking it in small sips and in small amounts.

You should then rinse your mouth as well afterwards. This is very important as it will wash of any acid residual left in the mouth.

Dried Fruits

Interestingly if you consume healthy dry fruits a lot, it can leads towards tooth decay. The leading dry fruits which cause problems include apricots, raisins as well as dried out pineapple as well.

While these definitely taste great, they are of high sugar concentration.

Also these dry fruits look like jellies in texture. This means it becomes easy for them to just cling onto your teeth.

Sugar- The Major Nemesis

Now y0u must have already understood how sugar actually makes your mouth acidic. If you don’t wash and rinse your mouth properly, chances are you will have a lot of damage done into your mouth.

Know this, sugar erodes your teeth and continues to damage it so you need to curb your sugar intake and you would be surprised to know that sugar is also present in savory food items.

Conclusion- Be Cautious of Worst Foods for Teeth

how food impacts your health

Your teeth’s health needs to be in mint condition to ensure oral hygiene.

There are certain food types which can prove to be extremely harmful for your mouth especially if you don’t brush your teeth right after.

From the list of worst foods for your teeth, you must have noticed one thing- all them are high on sugar and acid.

Here’s something interesting you didn’t know- all kinds of sugars are harmful- even brown sugar as well as honey.

You need to adapt mindful eating– know about what you are consuming. Sugars are part of major kinds of food forms- knodw what exactly are you putting into your mouth. Also with sugar, be careful with the kind of acidic affect on your mouth and teeth.

Both sugar and acidic affect can lead to problems into your mouth.

The key is to identify the food types and consume those with high content of these two very sparingly.

Your health rests in your hands. Know what you are doing and keep a conscious frame of mind to ensure you are consuming items sparingly.